woman running in Holstein print running shirt
woman running in Holstein print running shirt

Dairy Ambassadors Power Through Endurance Race

Posted by Jenna Allen, MS, RDN

Thursday, June 28, 2018

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“Some race days don’t always go as planned.”

Endurance Race Series (ERS) Dairy Ambassador Kari Jensen can attest to that. She registered for the Palmer Lake Half Marathon on June 2, and while she ended up switching to the 10K the morning of, she hit a new personal record for the 10K and took fourth in her division.

“Best I have EVER done in a race,” Kari shared. “I am thrilled! Honestly, I've been fighting some medical issues for several months and had every intention of running the half. When I woke up race morning, I felt horrible, so I decided to head down anyway and switched to the 10K,” said Kari. “I was so happy to just run and enjoy the day! Even if it wasn't my ‘plan A.’ After the race, I was incredibly proud of my accomplishment, despite race day not going as planned, and it made me want to try even harder for the next one!”  

Our other Dairy Ambassador, Molly Carroll, was also pleased of her accomplishments after falling short of her pre-race mileage goals due to some knee issues during training.

“Going into the race, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” said Molly. “I kept my pace slow and steady during the race and didn’t experience any concerning [knee] pain, so I kept running and was able to run the whole race.”

Finishing is an accomplishment in and of itself, but Molly hopes to get faster for her next half with more training under her belt.

As for the chocolate milk at the end of the race, “I always look forward to the BUILT booth,” shared Kari. “Before I even checked my time, I went straight from the finish banner to the milk booth! The thought of an ice-cold chocolate milk at the end [of the race] got me through!”

Both runners enjoyed the cheers from the crowd, not to mention the beautiful view!

“I love the support of the running community – people from all backgrounds and experience levels come together with a common bond: a love for running,” said Molly.

“I love this race!” shared Kari. “The community is incredibly friendly, and the race staff and volunteers are super supportive. I was stopped on my way to my car by a local who wanted to hear all about my race and says she always looks forward to this event and cheering on the runners.

Disclaimer: Both Molly and Kari are being compensated as dairy ambassadors for Dairy MAX, but their opinions and training ideas are their own.

Jenna Allen, MS, RDN

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