D.J. Reader’s Love of Mac and Cheese

Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador D.J. Reader of the Houston Texans loves football, loves his mom and loves her homemade mac and cheese. Although her recipe is top-secret, we have a few insights into what makes it so great thanks to her number one fan, D.J.: “It’s mild, sharp and extra sharp cheddar... she has other ingredients, but those are the top three cheeses she uses.”

D.J. not only speaks highly of his mom’s mac and cheese but truly believes “it’s a must to eat as much mac and cheese when my mom is in town to make it.” During the football season, he gets to enjoy this cheesy dish often since his mom attends quite a few home games and cooks every time. He doesn’t mind sharing either; in fact, when D.J. moved to Houston his teammates had a chance to try his mom’s mac and cheese – which is often paired with pork chops, collard greens and cornbread.

In the off season he gets to enjoy her delicious dish even more during visits home. When they’re not at the dinner table enjoying a meal together, D.J. and his mom can be found either shopping, relaxing at the spa, enjoying a movie or bowling. “Any opportunity I get I like to take my lady shopping! We love getting our hands and feet done and facials cause we gotta’ keep our skin glowing!”

It’s true, the highest form of flattery is imitation. D.J. has tried to imitate the goodness his mom captures in every batch of mac and cheese, but he admits that his version doesn’t compare, “All my attempts have been unsuccessful because it’s difficult to put the right amount of each cheese for it to taste perfect!” Regardless of the recipe, D.J. confirmed the undeniable secret to good mac and cheese has dairy and lots of it!

Although we don’t have D.J.’s version of the recipe to share, we do have a few #DairyAmazing recipes we love, too! Check out our favorite mac and cheese recipes.

By Jennie McDowell

Jennie grew up on a farm in Wyoming and go her first horse at age 3. She has a background in restaurant management and business strategy consulting and loves helping grow Dairy MAX's business relationships. When she's not working, Jennie can be found putting together amazing Halloween displays for her front yard. Learn more about Jennie