the Koldeway family at their dairy farm
the Koldeway family at their dairy farm

The Perfect Place to Raise a Family

Posted by Jordan Glidewell

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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"It’s been the most wonderful, wonderful place to be, and I am just thankful that God put us in this spot. This is where he wanted us to be," says Agnes Koldeway, of her dairy.

The Koldeway’s beautiful farm, A&A Dairy, is located in Loveland, Colo. The Koldeways have been dairying for more than 80 years – and believe that their current location couldn’t be more perfect.

Art and Agnes were able to raise their six children – Christine, Tim, John, Mary Kay, Greg and Tom – on the dairy. Agnes believes it was not only a delightful experience to raise them on the farm, but also a great way for the children to grow up.

“The kids loved it here. They had so much freedom, which is very valuable for a child growing up,” reflected Agnes.

The kids went to the dairy every day when they got home from school and did whatever chores were needed, then they went home and helped out there. They participated in 4-H and were active with school groups too. It was a good life for the Koldeway family – and it still is.

As adults, the Koldeway kids all say that they couldn’t have been raised in a better place. They appreciated being able to grow up the way they did, even the ones who chose occupations off the farm as adults. Agnes is proud of all of her children, and admires the career path of each and every one of them.

Though four of their siblings settled into lives outside of the family business, Greg and Tim decided to stay on the farm, and eventually took over the dairy – reversing roles with their parents. But Art and Agnes still enjoy working with their sons, and are very thankful they are able to do so.

“I’m very happy and grateful that Tim and Greg were able to step in and were interested enough to take over our dairy operation,” said Agnes. “I think they deserve a lot of credit.”

Art and Agnes deserve a lot of credit as well. They worked hard to make the dairy as functional as it was – and continues to be – for their family. It was not an easy feat to turn it into the beautiful place that it is now.

Art’s father started dairying in the 1930s in Littleton, Colo. Art officially became a dairy farmer at just ten years old, after receiving his first heifer calf.

He stayed in the dairy business and after he married Agnes, the two of them continued to dairy in Littleton where they grew their herd to 60 cows. They relocated to Loveland after development in Littleton made it clear there was no more room to grow.

“The relocation process was absolutely terrible,” said Agnes. “We had looked all over the state for a place to relocate, and it took a long time. We finally ended up in Loveland, which was a very good decision.”

Their first farm in Loveland didn’t work out, but they continued their search for a suitable place to plant their roots. It took a lot of time and hard work, and they dealt with a lot of frustration, but Art and Agnes ended up finding the acreage they were looking for. It was close to schools and church, and though they didn’t have any family in the area, it was the perfect location for a fresh start.

The couple put a lot of their own elbow grease in the first few years to get a dairy barn built, remodel the original farmhouse built in 1888 and get the family and children settled – but all their hard work paid off. Their kids enjoyed living on the farm and their old farmhouse turned out to be a lovely home that has become a lasting legacy for the family.

Today, Greg and Tim are still using the barn that their parents built more than 50 years ago.

“It’s showing its age just like we are!” Agnes joked.

They grow their own crops and continue to be great stewards of the land and water, and are milking over 400 cows.

The Koldeways are living proof that hard work does pay off, and continues to benefit generation after generation.

“I’m just so thankful that we ended up here,” said Agnes. “Life on our dairy has been great for our family.”

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