Tyrone Crawford is a Chocolate Milk Believer

Through our work with the NFL, we know that players are strong advocates for health and nutrition. In fact, their careers depend on how well nutrition fuels their performance. What separates some from their teammates is a passion for dairy. Dairy MAX is proud to introduce our newest advocate for the BUILT by Nature chocolate milk platform, pro football player Tyrone Crawford.

Early Adopter

Tyrone Crawford drank a lot of milk to reach his 6 feet 4 inches and 285-pound stature.  

“I’ve always loved milk, chocolate milk in particular,” Tyrone said in an interview. “I learned at a young age through my mom, actually, that it is an important part of your day.”

That early exposure laid a foundation for a lifelong love of chocolate milk, one that Tyrone carried from childhood to professional sports.

BUILT by Nature Ambassador

Tyrone’s personal connection to chocolate milk made him a natural choice to support BUILT by Nature, Dairy MAX’s program highlighting the post-workout recovery benefits of chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is nature’s sports drink, with the ideal carbs-to-protein ratio to replace what the body loses through sweat during a tough workout. For a guy like Tyrone, that matters. He spends a lot of time training to be the best at his position. In fact, he gives chocolate milk credit for his strength. Tyrone is known to drink chocolate milk after a tough workout or after practice, because he’s seen what it can do.

“I know how it can fuel you,” he said. “It definitely helps me because it gives me that fuel I need playing defensive line, having the bones that I have and the strength that I have.”

Dairy MAX is happy to welcome Tyrone to the BUILT by Nature team. He’s a true chocolate milk believer! From sharing his wisdom with his teammates to sharing it with his followers on social media, he’ll be an inspiration to athletes of all levels and abilities.

Whether you’re a casual runner (like me) or a professional athlete (like Tyrone), chocolate milk is an easy and delicious way to recover and rehydrate after a workout. Be on the lookout for some exciting things from Tyrone and BUILT in the fall! 

By Essence Riley

Essence joined the Dairy MAX team in 2016 and loves working to grow our relationship with the Dallas Cowboys as their Official Nutrition Partner. She previously worked at Discover Card and has also served as an account executive at Schafer Condon Carter in Chicago. When she's not working, Essence loves to spend time with her family and cheer on the Dallas Cowboys. Learn more about Essence

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