When Retired Professional Football Player Tyrone Crawford Needs to Refuel, He “Crushes” Chocolate Milk

As a team captain, defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford is used to leading by example. He’s joined the BUILT w/ chocolate milk team at Dairy MAX to help educate athletes about proper ways to recover and rehydrate after workouts.

“After any good practice or workout, you should be drained and pretty exhausted, so that means it’s important to refuel your body,” says Crawford. “I like to use chocolate milk to refuel not only because it’s one of my favorite things to drink, but it’s also refreshing for me after a long, hard practice. With chocolate milk comes protein, which helps you recover well and helps you be your best going into your next practice. It helps you get through the rest of the week.”

3 R’s of Recovery

Recovery is especially important during the day-to-day grind of training camp, followed by the intensity of the regular season. Proper diet and hydration are crucial for recovery. A single glass of milk contains nine essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D, and just one glass is a great source of protein. Here’s how chocolate milk accomplishes all the “3 R’s” of a recovery drink:

  1. Rehydrates with natural electrolytes and 90% water content. Typical sports drinks may combine electrolytes and fluid for rehydration, but they lack milk’s protein to rebuild muscles. 
  2. Replenishes with the ideal carb-to-protein ratio.
  3. Repairs with 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8-ounce glass.

Great Benefits and Great Taste

Crawford can rattle off the “3 R’s” and all the other nutritional benefits of milk, but the truth is that he started drinking it because he loves the taste.

“My mom always jokes about my milk addiction,” Crawford says with a laugh. “I grew up in Canada, and our milk comes in bags rather than cartons. Three bags equals a gallon. If there was half-a-bag left, I would just crush the whole bag! 

“At first, I drank chocolate milk because I liked the taste, then I learned it was nutritious and good for my body. So that was a win-win, and I always used milk as something to bring my body back to where it needed to be. Growing up, I was taught that if you can’t get a lot of meaty proteins in you, you can definitely get protein through dairy. Looking back, even through college, all those trips to the store to buy dairy were definitely worth it. And as long as I had a cookie, I could always crush a glass of milk!

“Fast-forward to my time in the pros and I rely on the early lessons I learned about refueling my body. We have padded practices coming up which are an opportunity to get some good work in. I stay hydrated, so I can get right back at it and get it right. I can’t wait to see what I can do again tomorrow in practice to keep improving: bending the edge, getting off the ball. Keep pushing and pushing until we get it done.”

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By Kristi Scales, Sideline Reporter

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