Koldeway Family
A&A Dairy




Two generations

I’m just so thankful that we ended up here. Life on our dairy has been great for our family.

The Koldeways have spent nearly 80 years in the dairy business. They started in 1933 when Art Koldeway’s father, T.A. Koldeway, was forced to make a geographical change for health reasons. He was a severe asthmatic and needed a drier climate, so he left New Munster, Wisconsin, on a train destined for Littleton, Colorado. 

After arriving, he knew immediately it was where he wanted to move his family and continue working in the dairy business. The family lived on the May Ranch until T.A. was able to purchase the 160-acre farm of his dreams on West Bowles Avenue. He called it Edge Wood Farm and had six sons and three daughters there.

Art was one of those sons, and he was very interested in following in his father’s footsteps. He couldn’t ignore the family tradition of being stewards of the land. At age 10, he received a heifer calf, which was the beginning of his own dairy business. In 1950 he married Agnes Rose Dreiling, thus the beginning of A&A Dairy. Together, they rented an 80-acre farm in Littleton and milked about 20 cows. Then, due to significant development in the area at the time, they were forced to relocate.

In 1961 the family decided to move to the Loveland area. The 160-acre farm they purchased was dilapidated and needed a lot of work, but after a major over-haul, the barn and remodeled home are still in use today.

In 1998 A&A Dairy LLC was formed, and the Koldeway sons, Tim and Greg, took over the operation. Today, Art and Agnes are still involved in the dairy, but their sons own it and are carrying on the family legacy. They plan to continue in the business they love for as long as they can.

“I’m just so thankful that we ended up here,” said Agnes. “Life on our dairy has been great for our family.”

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