Sanchez Family

Tres Hermanos Dairy

New Mexico
10 years

The name of Tres Hermanos Dairy – Three Brothers Dairy – represents the now-realized dream of a trio of young boys from New Mexico. Jericho and Josh Sanchez and Mike Layton grew up on alfalfa farm, where they spent their summers baling hay and delivering to nearby dairies.

As they’d pass by the milk barns, Jericho always wanted to know what was happening inside. But he never got a chance to, and his curiosity grew – and so did his brothers’. But it went beyond the cows.

“I always looked up to the dairymen as pillars in the community, upstanding citizens who worked hard,” Jericho says. “I wanted to be like that and have a dairy with my brothers.”

In 2005, an opportunity arose.

“A dairy came up for sale and we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat if we could buy that farm?’ So we got together, came up with a plan, borrowed the money, and off we went,” Jericho says.

They started off milking about 350 cows in early 2006. Today, they’ve almost tripled in size. Though they’d farmed all their lives, being successful in the dairy business was no easy feat. Jericho says they are especially grateful for the many dairymen who have helped them along the way.

“We were fortunate in that we have some really good dairymen as neighbors around here,” he says. “They were always answering our questions, showing us hands-on, just taking us under their wings.”

But it has also taken a lot of hard work.

“Our mom and dad taught us to not give up and keep working hard, tend to your dream and you’ll come out on the other side,” Jericho says. “So that’s what we did.”

With 10 years under their belts, they’re still learning everyday — and no doubt that lifelong curiosity helps. The brothers agree the hard work is worth every minute for the chance to live their dreams.

"I always looked up to the dairymen as pillars in the community."