12 Dairy Crafts and Games to Entertain Your Kids

Need a great way for kids to learn and stay occupied during the long summer days? Whether it's making a "Moola Bank" from a recycled milk carton or shaking things up with our "Shake-It-Up Scramble," these crafts and games will teach kids about dairy nutrition and help the environment. 

Dairy MAX Milk-Carton Crafts

  • The Milkshaker 
    A fun way to recycle and make some moo-sic! Forget expensive music lessons and instruments; you've got what it takes in your fridge.

  • Moola Bank
    This craft helps teach about recycling as well as saving money. 

  • Dairy Dice
    Roll the dice! Make a large die out of a milk carton.

Our Favorites from the Web

  • DIY Watering Can
    Instead of buying a watering can, a recycled milk jug works just as well – and saves you a trip to the store.
  • Milk Carton Planter
    Not only does this activity help you recycle, it also creates a fun way to add green to your house or classroom.
  • Milk Carton Birdhouse Feeder
    This feeder allows you to recycle in addition to providing a yummy home for birds. You can sit back afterward and watch as they flock to your new feeder! 

Dairy MAX Games

Our Favorites from the Web

  • Quarter in Milk Carton
    A fun, safe game to play with groups
  • Recycled Game of Catch
    This makes a fun game for all ages, from toddlers developing their motor skills to camp activities, recycling has never been so fun.

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By Kaci McClatchy Creel

Kaci grew up on a beef cattle and wheat farm and has always had a passion for helping consumers understand farming. She has been part of the Dairy MAX team since 2009. When she's not working, Kaci is spending time with her daughter or traveling. Learn more about Kaci

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