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Feed the People. Protect the Planet.

Sustainability is all about using resources wisely so our communities and our planet can thrive for generations to come.

Our dairy farmers promote sustainability in three major ways.

The Superfood Itself

Dairy is a true superfood; it's one affordable package stuffed with tons of nutrients – including three nutrients Americans are lacking. A glass of milk or a bowl of yogurt makes a huge nutritional difference for a hungry child. Plus, cows make this superfood by eating food that we can’t, like grass and hay. That’s a pretty efficient system that supports both our species.

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Protecting the Environment

Dairy farmers are careful to ensure they don’t damage the air, water and soil around them.

  • Dairy farmers protect the air with special odor-reducing cow diets and air filtration systems.
  • Dairy farmers reuse waste as fertilizer; some even have methane digesters to convert waste into electricity.
  • Dairy farmers recycle each drop of water, from flushing out barns to irrigating fields.
  • Dairy farms hold to strict environmental standards set by multiple government agencies.
  • Dairy farmers invest in research to find new ways to protect the environment.

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Community Programs

But milk production isn’t the only way local dairy farmers combat hunger. They also support programs like these:

The Great American Milk Drive

Milk is one of the most requested but least donated foods in America’s food banks. So America’s dairy farmers created The Great American Milk Drive, which allows you to donate money to your local food bank, which provides vouchers to clients who can exchange them for fresh milk at the store of their choice.

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Breakfast in the Classroom

Through Dairy MAX, local dairy farmers provide equipment and support for Breakfast in the Classroom for qualifying schools, a hunger-fighting initiative that offers all students a free or discounted breakfast during the first period of the day. This helps eliminate the stigma surrounding families who may not be able to afford morning meals.

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