18+ Sneaky Ways to Make Your Kids’ Breakfast Healthier

For my two kids, breakfast means different things. Fact is, what kids should eat and what kids will eat are sometimes two separate things. This can mean two different breakfasts at our house, but with a little planning and some flexibility on my part, we make the most of the morning meal. I give them two to three easy but healthy items to choose from each morning, but my mom trick is to pair things that are healthy with things they really like to eat.

To help you get started on getting your kids to eat a good breakfast, check out these ideas from Pinterest. We also have wonderful breakfast ideas that you (and your kiddos) will love!


Fiber and B vitamins make oats a staple in my house. Make it with milk, then pair it with more milk and you up the protein a whopping 8 grams per cup (winning over mom); then, add the natural sweetness of fruit and you can win over any kid. There are also lots of topping and mix in options for oatmeal, so switching it up to match their taste buds is easy.

Pancakes/Waffles/French Toast

What kid doesn’t love this breakfast staple? Then they dump the whole bottle of syrup on top and your head starts to hurt as they lick the plate clean. Quick fix? Switch the syrup for some fruit and yogurt and you just went from syrup coma to a healthy breakfast with no effort. This breakfast is also easy to customize.


Creamy and delicious, a classic morning health food because of the high protein and calcium – important for growing kids. And kids just naturally love yogurt, making it a win-win. Pair it with fruit and cereal and call it “breakfast dessert” or use it to make a healthier twist on icing.


No need to worry about the cholesterol or yolk. Eat the whole thing and you have 13 essential nutrients and another good protein source. And if you’re looking to get in more veggies, these are a classic pairing.


Whether savory or sweet, these portable offerings go pretty quick in my house and work equally well for the early eater and the late eater. Pair them with a smoothie or yogurt and you have some good combos to make a nutritious morning.


The portability and ease of a breakfast sandwich is a must for any busy family. Add sliced tomatoes or fruit for a new twist.


Kick plain toast up a notch with creative additions, plus a glass of milk for 8 grams of protein in a flash.


Don’t forget about smoothies. Check out this smoothie and remember to use milk and yogurt (you get nine essential nutrients packed in that one ingredient), then add fruit, veggies and more for a meal in a glass.

No Pinterest fails or breakfast flops here, so pin away! Your kids will be happy for yummy new options, and you’ll be proud of your sneaky ways to pump up healthy benefits.

By Lana Frantzen, Ph.D.

Lana has been part of the Dairy MAX team for over 18 years. She has a Ph.D. in nutrition and is a Dairy MAX and National Dairy Council spokesperson. When she's not working, Lana enjoys hot yoga and spending time with her two sons. Learn more about Lana

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