5 Fit and Fun Road Trip Meals

It’s time to hit the road, but when it comes to good nutrition, sometimes it can seem like an impossible task to eat healthy while on the go. Although traveling is often an easy excuse to overindulge, it does not have to derail your health and wellness goals. With a little planning, self-control and a cooler, eating healthy on the road is totally doable!

To start, packing meals for your journey is a great way to ensure you get the nutritious foods you need to stay on track. Check out these five dietitian-approved meal ideas:

Five Road Trip Meals the Whole Family Will Enjoy

  1. Sandwich with lean meat and veggies, snack cheese, whole wheat crackers, almonds and an apple
  2. Boiled egg, yogurt sprinkled with trail mix (or nuts of choice), beef jerky, and fruit and cheese kabobs
  3. Turkey roll up, string cheese, veggies and yogurt dip, and grapes
  4. Egg and cheese breakfast burrito and some mixed berries
  5. Yogurt smoothie drink and mini whole wheat bagel sandwich made with peanut butter and sliced bananas

Still unsure what to pack for the road? You can always help reduce food waste and pack up some mealtime leftovers from your refrigerator or food items that need to be eaten from your fridge and pantry.

A Few Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Make a list of the foods you want to pack, then head to the grocery store to put your plan into action.
  • Make sure you have a big cooler and some ice packs to keep all of those perishable items cold.
  • Don’t forget healthy beverages. Calories in drinks can really add up. Stick to water, seltzer water or single-serving white and chocolate milk.
  • If you have a travel buddy, you might consider splitting the work and sharing the meals.
  • Consider fitting in a quick workout at your hotel or at a scenic stop along the way. Try a quick hike followed by a picnic – a great way to stretch your legs and split up the long hours in the car.

Not only will preparing healthy meals ahead of time help you stick to your health and wellness goals, it will also help your wallet – eating out while on a road trip can really add up. Having a plan and a cooler with nutritious eats is always a great strategy to help you stay fit and have fun while on your road trip!

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By Marley Oldham Carnes, M.S., RDN, LD, CSCS, CPT

Marley is a Registered Dietitian, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. She has also worked as a fitness and sports director with the Navy and her father-in-law is a retired dairy farmer. In her free time, Marley enjoys hiking, cycling, running and volunteering with the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Learn more about Marley.

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