Eagle Valley Golf Fuels up with Milk

After 112 years, golf is again an Olympic sport. Before that, it was part of the program only in Paris in 1900 and St Louis in 1904. It is not only a historic time for golf worldwide, but also for the Eagle Valley golf team who are now refueling with milk!

The Eagle Valley golf team consists of 29 teammates - the largest team in Eagle Valley school history. They call themselves “Team Chocolate Milk.”

“Not only are they (the team) really excited about being one of the winners, but other teams and coaches have been chasing me down after tournaments to ask about our banner and cooler and, of course, if we have more chocolate milk!” said Coach Tom Buzbee.

Even though the season is over, the team is getting educated on the importance of fueling their bodies with nutritious chocolate milk. It was always tradition to stop for breakfast during early morning departures and the number pick for everyone has always been chocolate milk.

This team is well aware of how to fuel their bodies for ample energy and how to recover correctly. We wish the Eagle Valley Golf team much success this season!

To learn more about sports nutrition visit our sports nutrition page.

By Jaclyn Alkhatib

Jaclyn has been part of the Dairy MAX team since 2015. She has a special passion for athletics and works to ensure athletes and athletic organizations know the value of milk in athletic recovery. When she's not working, Jaclyn plays soccer, runs and loves to be outdoors with her two kids and husband. Learn more about Jaclyn

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