Everything You Need for the Ultimate Ice Cream Social

We're all about celebrating all things dairy!

While most of the time, we recommend low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt for your three servings of dairy every day, it’s also OK to splurge every now and then.

Why not splurge on a huge ice cream social? Because if you’re going to go dessert-crazy, that dessert might as well have nine essential nutrients.

Start your party planning right here:

  • Make your own ice cream.
    We’re talking about an all-out, unforgettable party here – why not go the extra mile and make your own ice cream? Start with these Dairy MAX ice cream recipes, and find more recipes (plus some great party hacks) on our Pinterest board. Feel free to change them up to make your own unique concoctions.

  • Don’t have an ice cream maker?
    No problem. You can make it in a zip-close bag. Even better, have your guests do the work for you – trust me, they’ll think it’s a blast.

  • Free party décor.
    Download it. Print it. And get your camera ready, because your party is about to become picture-perfect.

Ready to party? Don't forget to share your ice cream social pics! Tag us @DairyMAX and include the hashtag #DairyAmazing.

By Kaci McClatchy Creel

Kaci grew up on a beef cattle and wheat farm and has always had a passion for helping consumers understand farming. She has been part of the Dairy MAX team since 2009. When she's not working, Kaci is spending time with her daughter or traveling. Learn more about Kaci

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