Gear Up for the Fuel Greatness Breakfast Campaign

All kids need access to a healthy breakfast for the nutrients and energy to learn in school, but millions of students aren’t getting this important meal! Students can’t concentrate or learn when they’re hungry, and studies show that children who skip breakfast are at an academic disadvantage. 

School breakfast ensures affordable access to this important meal - and the Fuel Up to Play 60 Fuel Greatness campaign helps increase school breakfast awareness through the Breakfast Games. 

“Fuel Greatness” Campaign Promotes School Breakfast

The Fuel Greatness campaign begins on Monday, March 5 and runs through March 16 to coincide with National Nutrition Month and National School Breakfast Week celebrations. Fuel Greatness aims to get everyone focused on healthy eating through the popular school wellness program, Fuel Up to Play 60. Nationwide, over 73,000 schools participate in Fuel Up to Play 60 , reaching over 38 million students! Because of the program, 18 million students now have access to healthier foods at school, 13 million students are eating healthier and 16 million students are more physically active!

Getting Students Involved

Student involvement matters, and it positively relates to healthier eating and more physical activity at schools. For this year’s Fuel Greatness campaign, student teams are encouraged to promote healthy eating in various ways – such as pledging to eat breakfast every day in the school cafeteria, putting together a team to reduce food waste or promoting healthy snacking for test-taking. Students can even get school staff on board to host smoothie days or to decorate their cafeteria with posters that will help their school keep healthy foods top of mind every day.

Breakfast Games

As part of National School Breakfast Week and the Fuel Greatness campaign, Dairy MAX is hosting two Breakfast Games events in schools across our region. The goal is to increase school breakfast awareness and participation to make sure all kids start their day with the fuel they need to help them succeed.

An NFL player will join the Student Team for breakfast and lead the students into the assembly, where a dairy farmer will proudly carry the game torch to signal the start. The school’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Team will compete in three obstacle courses for gold, silver and bronze medals, and students will hear from our special guests about how they fuel their bodies and start their day with a healthy breakfast to achieve greatness. This event is a great way to reinforce the importance of eating breakfast daily and how it fuels the body to be great!

Learn more about the Breakfast Games.

By Leslee Powell

Leslee has a background in marketing and communications that she puts to good use helping Dairy MAX's school marketing team reach teachers and school nutrition directors. She has been part of the Dairy MAX team since 2017. When she's not working, Leslee can be found spending time with her husband and their dog. Learn more about Leslee.  

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