Justin Simmons on Why Breakfast Matters

Denver Broncos safety Justin Simmons knows the importance of breakfast – he even credits eating breakfast every day for his success!

“Want to know my secret to success? It’s pretty simple: I eat breakfast. I fuel up in the morning with foods full of dairy, whole grains, protein and fruit,” Justin says.

Fueling up with the right foods is important for every NFL player, and breakfast is a big part of what they do to stay healthy. Justin says breakfast keeps him fast, sharp and strong – so be sure you enjoy breakfast every day, at home or at school!

Find out more about breakfast at school or learn more about our partnership with the Denver Broncos.

By Jennie McDowell

Jennie grew up on a farm in Wyoming and go her first horse at age 3. She has a background in restaurant management and business strategy consulting and loves helping grow Dairy MAX's business relationships. When she's not working, Jennie can be found putting together amazing Halloween displays for her front yard. Learn more about Jennie

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