dairy cow licking its face
dairy cow licking its face

National Program Ensures Great Care for Dairy Cows

Posted by John Cass, MS

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tags: Animal Care, Dairy Farming

How hard do farmers really work to keep cows happy? More than 90 percent of America’s milk comes from dairy farms that have voluntarily joined the National Dairy FARM Program.

FARM stands for Farmers Assuring Responsible Management. It’s a nationwide program that sets high standards for cow care and milk production based on the latest research, using second and third-party verification to confirm farmers and processors are meeting those standards – so consumers know their dairy comes from well cared for animals.

Check it out:

The dairy community has an excellent track record of responsible management practices; this national effort simply brings consistency and uniformity to on-farm care.

FARM was created by National Milk Producers Federation with support from Dairy Management Inc. Learn more at NationalDairyFarm.com or on FARM’s InstagramTwitter or Facebook pages.

John Cass, MS

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