QUIZ: Which Cheesy Food Are You – and What Does It Mean?

Forget “spirit animals”; what’s your spirit cheesy food? Write down your answers and find your results at the bottom.

1. Which best describes your pajamas?

  1. Oversized T-shirt
  2. Full-on floor-length nightgown
  3. Cute matching top and bottoms
  4. Footie pajamas with ducks on them

2. Which kid were you in school?

  1. Nerd, and proud
  2. Friends with EVERYBODY
  3. Straight-A’s and lots of electives
  4. Class clown

3. What’s your favorite kind of TV show?

  1. Sci-fi and fantasy
  2. Historical drama
  3. Crime drama
  4. Sitcom

4. Which is hardest for you?

  1. Trying to remember the difference between “affect” and “effect”
  2. Leaving your phone alone for more than five minutes
  3. Parallel parking
  4. Laundry

5. Which of these superpowers would you choose?

  1. The ability to tell when a hot food has cooled just enough to eat
  2. The ability to talk to cows
  3. The ability to eat anything without needing a napkin
  4. The ability to shoot queso out of your fingers

Find Your Results

Mostly A’s:

You are grilled cheese.

You prefer to do things yourself – in the most efficient way possible. You assemble all the ingredients you know make the best possible grilled cheese sandwich and then you fry it up to exactly the right level of toastiness. Looking for a new spin on the classic? Try our Avocado Strawberry Grilled Cheese.

Mostly B’s:

You are mac and cheese.

You love the simple things in life, and you’re not afraid to embrace your inner child. You also know this comfort food tastes best when enjoyed with the comforting presence of friends and family. Find comfort in sharing these Mac and Cheese Casserole Cups with your family.

Mostly C’s:

You are lasagna.

You’re practical and you appreciate order, but you also have a passion for rich experiences – like your grandmother’s lasagna recipe, which you always follow to the letter. Try this Slow Cooker Lasagna when you need everything in order after a busy day.

Mostly D’s:

You are pizza.

You are a fit foodie -no strings can hold you down. You like a meal you can hold in one hand while you play soccer  other. There are also no rules when it comes to pizza toppings – from pineapple to M&M's. Try this Garden Veggie Pizza when you’re looking to use all the veggies in your fridge.

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By Sarah Ryan, MS, RDN, LD

Sarah is a registered dietitian nutritionist and foodie. She has a special interest in sports nutrition and is certified in food allergy training. When she isn't working, you can find her in the kitchen baking delicious cakes and beautiful pies. Learn more about Sarah

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