Summertime on a Dairy

My name is Raeann and I’m a 4th generation dairy farmer! Both my mom and dad come from very long lines of dairy farming. I was raised on a farm and am so excited to be raising my kids on a farm as well. I, along with my parents, run a dairy farm in northeast Colorado. We have about 2,500 cows and heifers.

Someone once said, “Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” This is true on a dairy as well! Cow comfort is always our number one priority and the summer can sometimes make this easier. Everything from feeding baby calves to milking cows is easier in the summer.

The summer is also full of fun activities, one activity being the county fair. Not only is it fun to show your animals and hang out with friends, it’s also a great opportunity to teach the public about cows’ lives on a dairy! We love sharing how our cows sleep in their own beds called freestalls, how their pens are cleaned every day to ensure they stay clean and how they receive care from a veterinarian when they aren’t feeling well. We also make sure our cows have food in front of them at all times. Our cows’ unique diet is specially designed for our herd by a nutritionist. This guarantees they are getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

Because the summer can be so hot, it’s very important that cows and calves have access to water at all times. We also have special sprinklers in our milking barn holding pens where the cows get sprinkled with cool water. This keeps them cool and comfortable.

Taking care of our cows is a very important and rewarding job. Every day we work very hard to ensure our cows are healthy and happy, and make the most nutritious and delicious milk as possible.

By Raeann Carpio Breuer

Raeann Carpio Breuer owns Horizon-Vue Dairy in Colorado. She is the fourth generation of her family to dairy farm and is a mom of two. 

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