The Ultimate Football Watch Party Snack Board

Getting ahead of snack attacks are a must for any game day watch party. With a little prep beforehand, these snack board ideas are designed to keep you focused on your team’s hopeful victory. Just pull them out of the fridge, serve and cheer on!

  1. Cheese and Crackers

    Simplicity with room to be adventurous, this is a healthy combo that keeps you satisfied and energized while the game is on. Opt for whole grain crackers and serve with assorted cheeses to pack on flavor and protein. You can prep your cheeses hours before the big game.

  2. Veggie Sticks with Greek Yogurt

    My family’s favorite dip is this Greek yogurt dressing. Think about the rainbow when you prep your veggies for ideal nutrition – green, yellow and red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and squash would all pair fantastically with this fresh dip. Prep this snack the night before your watch party for optimal ease.

  3. Mini Sandwiches

    A favorite for kids and adults alike, sandwiches are my go-to for game day. I like a sandwich that I can pull straight out of the cooler. Better yet, I like a sandwich that looks like I put a lot of work into preparing it – when really it was quite simple. These one-bite chicken taco Mexican pinwheels fit the bill. Have leftovers? No problem – put them in your child’s lunchbox the next day for a parenting win.

  4. Cheesy Guacamole

    Let’s talk guac, or really, let’s talk guac that’s been elevated to the next level of awesome. This cheesy guacamole is packed with nutrient-dense avocados and paired with the protein power of cheese. You can even make this ahead. Here’s my tip to keep your cheesy guac from browning – just squeeze juice from one lime on the very top then gently place plastic wrap over the guacamole, pressing directly onto the surface. When you’re ready, remove wrap, stir and enjoy with baked tortilla chips.

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By Sarah Ryan, MS, RDN, LD

Sarah is a registered dietitian nutritionist and foodie. She has a special interest in sports nutrition and is certified in food allergy training. When she isn't working, you can find her in the kitchen baking delicious cakes and beautiful pies. Learn more about Sarah

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