VIDEO: Why Is School Breakfast Important?

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to get a healthy meal together for your kids. Imagine having to do that for 70,000 kids twice a day, every day.

That’s what I do as child nutrition services director at Aldine ISD. It’s tough to meet regulations, work with class schedules and do it all within budget. But it’s also rewarding to see the difference it makes. For instance, the difference breakfast makes to our students is huge.

Here’s a quick video on just how important breakfast is:

The great news is that school breakfast takes the pressure off of you. We make sure menus follow nutrition guidelines based on research, so you know your children are getting the nutrients they need. And because school breakfast happens later in the day than home breakfast does, you know your kids are getting those nutrients at the right time: when their little brains and bodies are about to use them.

Learn more about the high quality of school meals.

By Dani Sheffield

Dani Sheffield is the Executive Director of Child Nutrition Services for Aldine ISD. She organizes and directs food service operations for the district's 81 schools and 67,000 students. Dani taught for 10 years and has more than 27 years of experience with child nutrition programs. Learn more about Dani.

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