Why Breakfast at School May Be Better than Breakfast at Home

Does your family eat breakfast? Or are you bored with the same old breakfast fare? It’s the same in many houses, because about half of all the kids in this country don’t eat before they leave for school in the morning.

Benefits of School Breakfast

  • A school breakfast costs only $1.25 per student (at Hays CISD in Kyle Texas) so it is a nutritional and economical bargain.
  • Families that qualify for a free or reduced lunch can also qualify for a free or reduced-price breakfast.
  • In addition, many schools qualify for Universal Free meals and so it may be free to all students in your area.
  • Each school breakfast offers low-fat or fat-free milk, whole grains and fruit or 100 percent fruit juice, and meets federal nutrition standards, based on dietary guidelines, limiting fat, sodium and portion size. 
  • According to the school breakfast report card, by the Texas Hunger Initiative, school breakfast participation also is linked to these health benefits:
    • Lower BMI and lower probability of obesity and being overweight.
    • Fewer visits to the school nurse.
    • Improvements in children’s mental health, including reducing behavior problems, anxiety and depression.
    • Better eating habits among children.
    • Fewer vitamin deficiencies.
    • Decreased likelihood of experiencing chronic illnesses

At Dairy MAX we also celebrate School Breakfast each year with the Breakfast Games events across our 7-state region. In 2019 Wanke Elementary, Northside ISD in San Antonio joined us to highlight school breakfast week. Students participated in Olympic style games and caught a fuel greatness message from Joe Looney of the Dallas Cowboys. At the highest level of his career Joe was able to meet the challenge to become the center for the Cowboys as a backup player. As an adult and professional athlete Joe told the students he continues to fuel his body with high protein dairy.  

So, whether your student is on the field, at their desk or living their best life, rest assured the 9 essential nutrients of dairy are on their team.

By Joann Knox

Joann Knox has done everything from owning a tearoom to serving on a city council. With a Bachelor of Science in home economics from Tarleton State University and a Level 5 Certification from the Texas Association for School Nutrition, she worked for school districts including Abilene, Big Spring and Mineral Wells, and for the Texas Department of Agriculture. Learn more about Joann.

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