Bouma Family

Legacy Farms

5th generation dairy farmers

The Bouma family named their dairy farm after the legacy that has been in their family for generations, and one they hope to continue passing on.

Brad and Barb Bouma both have a deep family history of dairy farming that goes back four generations in the Netherlands.

“The dairy is our family legacy,” Brad said. “Not just ours, but our grandfathers’ and great-grandfathers’ tracing all the way back to the Netherlands. The fact we are able to carry this on is a privilege.

”They grew up on family farms in California and moved to Texas to pursue a dream of starting their own dairy. The Boumas started Legacy Farms in 2003 and have called the Texas Panhandle home ever since.

With three children and nine grandchildren, the dairy business is a family affair for the Boumas. Sons Brent and Brandon manage the dairy, feed yard and farming operations. Although both left to attend college, both knew they would take up the family business. When they are not working on the dairy, Brad and Barb are involved in their church and other organizations that give back to the community. According to Brad, it is important to lead by example for his grandchildren.

“It means a lot that we can be around, not just as grandparents but also as mentors to these kids,” Brad said. “The family unit is hugely important to us. It’s the fabric this country was built on.

”And in order to sustain the farm for the next generation, the Boumas remain conscious of protecting their land and resources. Composting recycled manure is one way the Boumas practice sustainability.

“We’re always trying to improve cow comfort, and we’re very proud of our employees – we consider them part of the family too,” Brad said.

"The dairy is our family legacy. The fact we are able to carry this on is a privilege"