Plays From the Dallas Cowboys' Nutritional Playbook

Curious about what pro football players eat to keep them fueled to perform all season long? The answers are simple nutritious meals that you and your family may already be enjoying. We took a few pages out of the Dallas Cowboys’ nutrition playbook to share with you. You may discover that you already are eating like a pro and didn’t even know it. Check out the nutritious meals and snacks below.

Breakfast Options


Milk and Cereal – The unstoppable and undeniably delicious duo that is not only simple to make but also full of beneficial nutrients to start the day right.  

Yogurt and Eggs – A breakfast combo that provides Dallas Cowboys with the protein they need to start the day and make big plays.

Pre-Game Meals (3-4 Hours Before Kickoff)

Whey Protein Breaded Chicken Tenders – Looking for a clever way to increase the protein in an already protein-packed meal? Try breading chicken with whey protein. The Cowboys found this simple addition to chicken tenders to have a big impact on taste while increasing protein consumption amongst players.

Caulifredo – The unique combo of cauliflower and Alfredo perfected by the team chefs as a creative way to increase the veggie intake of the players. The players’ responses to the once mysterious dish was, “Seconds, please?”

Both entrees are often paired with a medley of vegetables and seasonal fruit to complete the pre-game meals.

Player’s Lounge and Locker Room Snacks

string cheese

String Cheese – Cheese offers protein to keep the team satisfied between meals. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy stringy goodness on the go?

Yogurt Parfaits – A team favorite filled with whole grains and fruit offers carbohydrates to fuel the brain and power performance.

Post-Workout Snacks

Chocolate Milk and Nuts – A dynamic duo with benefits including hydration and reduced inflammation. Plus, chocolate milk has the perfect combination of carbs and protein, which makes it a great post-workout choice. The unique ratio allows for faster muscle recovery. Not to mention, the latest research shows chocolate milk helps improve the performance of high school athletes.

Post-Game Meal (Within 30-60 Minutes After Play)

burrito bowl

Burrito Bowls – After battling it out on the grid iron, the Cowboys enjoy build-your-own burrito bowls as a post-game meal to repair, rebuild and refuel their bodies with key nutrients.

Eating right ensures pro football players can maintain intensity on the field. Elevate your nutrition and performance with some of the Cowboys’ power-packed snack options.

By Jennie McDowell

Jennie grew up on a farm in Wyoming and go her first horse at age 3. She has a background in restaurant management and business strategy consulting and loves helping grow Dairy MAX's business relationships. When she's not working, Jennie can be found putting together amazing Halloween displays for her front yard. Learn more about Jennie

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