Dairy Cow Care

cow care

More Than a Profession. A Passion.

When cows are your entire livelihood, keeping them happy is priority number one. Dairy farmers work hard 365 days a year to make sure their cows stay healthy and content.


Here's how:

  • Cows get regular checkups from veterinarians.
  • Cows have access to fresh food and water 24 hours a day.
  • Cows’ diets are specially formulated by nutritionists.
  • Cows have shelters available that are designed to keep them cool or warm, depending on the climate and season.
  • Cows get their hooves trimmed (like manicures) to keep their hooves healthy.

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Meet Our Breeds

There are six main breeds of dairy cow in the United States. Learn more about each one in our interactive game or read more about the breeds

Future-Focused Farming

How do dairy farmers modernize?

Technology helps dairy farm families take care of larger herds – which is crucial for feeding our community and allowing the next generation to continue the family business. From monitoring collars (like pedometers) that ensure each cow is getting healthy exercise, to systems that turn cows’ waste into fertilizer and clean water, dairy farmers are always looking for more efficient ways to care for their cows.

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How do dairy farmers protect the environment?

Dairy farmers have a personal motivation for protecting the land: they live there. They also take the job of feeding Americans very seriously – sponsoring various programs to help feed hungry people in our communities.

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Cutting Through the Hype

Are cows treated with antibiotics? Dairy farmers always give their cows the medical treatment they need! But there will never ever be antibiotics in the milk you buy.

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Are cows treated with hormones?

Dairy farm families will never give cows a substance that would harm them; sometimes the girls just need a little help to produce milk safely and efficiently. There are no harmful hormones in the milk you buy.

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