Chapman Family

Chapman Dairy

37+ Years

Donny and Sherry Chapman built their 150-cow dairy from the ground up, starting when they were just newlyweds, fresh out of high school.

Their days start before 4:30 a.m. with milking; though their kids pitch in, the work isn’t done until after sunset. But they all love it.

“One of the best parts about working on the farm is working with our family,” says Chapman. “Each of them has a deep appreciation and respect for dairy farming.”

The family commitment shines through in simple things, like their herd’s great genetics. A mostly Holstein farm, the family raises some of the best dairy cows in the area.

“We [bought] one or two milk cows from Chapman,” says Erich Wehrenberg, a dairy farmer from Loyal, Oklahoma. “They are some of the best milkers in the herd.”

Chapman attributes his success to providing only the best feed and the best care for his cows. In 2013, the local dairy cooperative recognized the Chapman family with an award for producing quality milk.

“For our family, our goal is simple: working hard to produce nutritious dairy foods,” says Chapman. “Consumers need to know dairy farm families like mine work hard each day to provide the best for them. We really do care about our milk.”

"One of the best parts about working on the farm is working with our family."