Vasquez Family

SD Farms

31+ years

Hard work and lots of teamwork; that’s what it takes to keep a family dairy like SD Farms, based in Texas, running smoothly.

And, according to Chella Vasquez, they’ve assembled just the team to do it. Her husband, Mondo, manages the cows – all Holsteins – while she manages the office; their oldest son, Jeremy, manages breeding operations when he’s not off studying at West Texas A&M University, and their dedicated employees fill a myriad of positions on the farm.

Everyone’s goal? To produce the safest, most delicious milk products possible.

“We’re all in it together, we do everything together, we all pull together,” Chella says. “Even the industry as a whole – we all are a large family. We’re all bound to each other. We have a common goal, to produce the best product that we possibly can.”

Family is one of the main reasons Mondo and Chella jumped at the chance to move their 3,100-cow dairy from California to the Texas Panhandle, which Chella calls “a great place to dairy.” Most of their family lives in Stephenville, Texas, and the intrastate commute to see grandparents and other family members was something the couple really wanted for their children – just as they want a strong work ethic and good health for their kids.

“Our concern is always the safety of the milk, and that’s our No. 1, top priority because obviously, if we feed it to our children, we would not hesitate to feed it to someone else’s kids.”

"Our concern is always the safety of the milk, and that’s our No. 1, top priority."