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Check out Farm Tycoon on Fortnite!

Level up your farm and earn XP as you jump into the life of a farmer. Use map code: 1246-7765-8191. 

Join the Level Unlocked Discord to participate in Tycoon challenges and earn the chance at tasty rewards!

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Fuel your game

How can food boost your gaming? Streamers Emilyywang, AlanAvi and Drini get custom meal tips from a sports dietitian.

  • Eat all five food groups: dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains and protein.
  • Fuel up without the crash. Grab milk, cheese or yogurt 3x/day for an easy source of protein, calcium and vitamin D.
  • How about some love for your gut? Yogurt is good for digestion and a healthy immune system.

Think your eating habits are already good? Prove it.

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Beat the lag

Keep your energy high and your focus locked in with these natural, protein-packed snacks.

  • Chocolate Milk: It’s packed with protein and it’s 90% water, which means excellent hydration.
  • Protein Bites: These delicious bites contain whey and casein – common proteins found in dairy – that keep you feeling full longer, provide you with energy and help your muscles recover while you sleep.  
  • Smoothies: The milk you use in a smoothie provides more than 10% of your daily value of 13 essential nutrients – like vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc and protein – that are essential to a healthy immune system.
  • Yogurt Parfait: Yogurt is linked to health benefits like improved digestion, reduced inflammation and healthy immune systems.
  • Cheese or Cheese Sticks: The milk used to make that delicious cheese gives you calcium, potassium, protein and more.

Get meal and snack ideas from more of your favorite gamers:

Cooking with Complexity

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Surprising Things You Should Know About School Meals 

  • Nutrition excellence is a must!
  • Special dietary needs? Np
  • Quality ingredients + diverse menus = irresistible meals
  • Craving coffee? School is your new coffee shop

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Lactose free? Don't worry, you can still enjoy dairy

Not all dairy is created equal when it comes to their levels of lactose.

  • Cheddar, colby jack, Monterey Jack, mozzarella and Swiss cheese are naturally low in lactose.
  • Yogurt has live and active cultures, which help your body digest lactose.
  • If you want milk specifically, look for lactose-free milk. It’s real milk, just without the lactose!

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Local. Sustainable.

  • The milk you buy at the store likely came from a family-owned farm within 100 miles of your house.
  • Dairy farming contributes less than 1% to total U.S. greenhouse gasses; its carbon footprint has shrunk by 19% (and counting).
  • Cow care is key. 98% of farmers are enrolled in a national program that sets high standards for quality animal care.

Meet Real Farm Families

Take a Virtual Dairy Tour

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