Cutting the Cheese: Creative Uses for Leftover Dairy Foods

Today, families are buying in bulk at the grocer more than ever before. But while bulk buying allows for fewer trips to the store, it also increases the risk of food expiring. 

Do you have leftover dairy foods like cheese, yogurt or buttermilk in the fridge that you’re looking to use before they expire? Check out our favorite tips to make the most of your leftover dairy products: 


  • Don’t feel limited by the “form” of the cheese in your fridge. No matter the type of cheese in your fridge, you can transform it to meet your needs. Create shredded cheese by finely chopping your slices, grating your wedge or even pulling apart the strings for a fancy topping. Everything is more delicious and nutritious with a sprinkle of cheese on top.
  • Get creative with a gooey, cheesy sandwich. Here are five ideas to spice up your grilled cheese



Did you know that you can also freeze your favorite dairy? To reduce food waste and save for a rainy day, learn how to freeze milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy foods

Bonus: here are some other ways to cook using what you have in your fridge!

By Danielle Butbul, MPH, RDN

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