Tucker Family

Tucker Dairy

Four generations

In 1926, Scott Tucker’s great grandfather started Yellow Top Dairy, which included a processing facility, about 60 cows and home delivery services. This dairy operated in Englewood, Colorado through the 1950s.

Scott and his wife, Candi, run Tucker Dairy now, with help from Scott’s father Iven, and his uncle, Chuck. Scott’s grandfather, Charley, originally began dairy farming in Wellington in 1952 after getting home from World War II.

“He worked in Denver for a while, but the 8-to-5 life wasn’t for him,” explains Chuck. “In 1952, he bought 80 acres in Wellington.”

Charley worked nights at the Ideal Cement factory, milked 26 cows and hauled his own water every day until the dairy could support the family. In 1966, the family moved to Pierce, Colorado when Interstate 25 construction forced them off their land in Wellington.

Today, the farm milks about 400 Holstein and Jersey cows. They also grow corn, triticale (a grain that is a hybrid of wheat and rye) and sorghum.

Taking great care of the cows is top priority – from making sure the cows have fresh bedding to ensuring they always have access to feed. “We even groom a few,” said Candi, laughing. “We are very big on cleanliness because it leads to the safest and best quality milk.”

To take care of the cows in the years to come and pass the farm to their children, the family strives for sustainability – which includes recycling manure into fertilizer and using LED lighting and recycled oil. The youngest generation, Emily and Andrew, will be the fifth generation to carry on the tradition.

“I love being able to raise our kids around dairy and being able to pass it on to them,” said Candi.

"I love being able to raise our kids around dairy and being able to pass it on to them."